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Feng Shui For Apartments In Indianapolis

March 13, 2024
Stylish apartment bedroom with wood furniture and dark green wall behind bed.

We could all benefit from increased harmony and positive energy in our daily lives, but you probably don’t know where to start. One of the key things to look at is your living area. An uncomplicated redesign employing feng shui principles could work wonders for your space and even boost your well-being. Learn more about feng shui for apartments in Indianapolis and find tips on how to implement it.

What Is Feng Shui?

Apartment living room with fireplace, cream-colored furniture, and glass table.

In existence for thousands of years, feng shui is an ancient Chinese art of organizing materials or even buildings in a fashion that achieves balance while fostering tranquility and prosperity. It’s founded on the belief in chi, an underlying force that inhabits all things. Inside this lifeforce are essential yin and yang forces that have to be in balance to attain a proper energy flow.

The possessions within a room that impact its chi can all be categorized into one of these elements: water, wood, metal, earth, and fire. It’s believed that chi will be enhanced by adding, mixing, or removing these elements to acheive harmony. Here are what they denote, along with the colors and shapes connected to them:

  • Fire: Signifies high energy and expressiveness. Think of darker orange and red colors and triangles. Incorporate with lighting and candles.
  • Earth: Correlates to stability, strength, and order. It is represented by brown, green, and other neutral colors and square or rectangular shapes. Use pottery, landscape images, etc.
  • Metal: Relates to awareness, focus, and organization. Seen with white, gray, and metallic colors and circles or ovals. Incorporate rocks, stones, or any type of metal decor.
  • Water: Connected to emotion, wisdom, and spirituality and embodied by by black or dark colors, reflective surfaces, and curved or flowing shapes. Use mirrors, glass, and water elements.
  • Wood: Affiliated with things like creativity, vitality, and growth and represented with blues and greens and taller, pillar-like shapes. You may use plant life and wood furnishings.

Consider which elements you could use more of in your life and design accordingly.

Feng Shui Suggestions For Your Indianapolis Apartment

Kitchen and entryway of an apartment with bar counter, hanging lights, and archway.

Feng shui has been essential to home design for a long time and is suitable for spaces of all types, including apartment units. Here are some additional feng shui recommendations for your Indianapolis apartment.

Use The Commanding Position

The commanding position is an integral aspect of feng shui. Generally speaking, this deals with an essential piece within a room, like the sofa or bed. These objects need to be:

  • As far from the door as you can
  • Not right in line with your door, but the the entryway ought to be seen
  • Situated diagonally if possible

Adhere To These Room Suggestions

Besides the commanding position, you should abide by these recommendations for the following areas of your apartment.

  • Entrance: Keep this space clean, neat, and easily visible, as this is where energy enters.
  • Bedroom: Keep your bed in the commanding position, and choose matching nightstands for symmetry. Stay away from greenery and keep electrical devices or work tools to a minimum. Opt for a headboard and shift beds next to a wall to foster stability.
  • Living room: Position your primary seating choice in the commanding position and have sofas or chairs facing each other to encourage communication. Don’t center the area around entertainment equipment.

Create Your Peaceful Sanctuary At Penrose on Mass Apartments In Indianapolis

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