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How To Find Pet-Friendly Apartments in Indianapolis

May 22, 2020

Apartment with dog

If you have a pet or are looking to bring one home soon, you’ll need to locate a pet-friendly apartment in Indianapolis.  Unfortunately, “pet-friendly” can be unclear. Unfortunately, “pet-friendly” doesn’t necessarily have a concrete definition. Some pet-friendly apartment complexes may really allow you to have a pet, but only with limits on the breed or size. Some other Indianapolis apartment communities may even offer amenities for your pet such as designated dog parks or provided waste disposal bags.

With such dramatic differences in pet-friendly apartments in Indianapolis, how do you find one that fits you and your pet?

Start Off By Reading Over The Apartment’s Pet Policy

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A complex is only as welcoming to dogs and cats as its pet policy. The pet policy goes over the rules and restrictions in regard to pet ownership. Some policies are open-ended and permit you to keep any pet. Some don’t allow certain the types of dogs you can keep. Others might put limitations on the size and number of pets. And then some pet policies prohibit dogs completely and only let you have indoor cats or small animals such as hamsters and guinea pigs.

Few apartments restrict the types of cat breeds permitted. It’s more common for a community to have a policy that restricts just how many pets are allowed in one apartment. There also might be extra costs associated with having a pet, such as higher rent or cleaning costs after move-out, or a pet deposit due at move-in.

A pet policy with a lot of conditions doesn’t mean that the apartment isn’t friendly to animals—as long as you fit within the guidelines. But if you have an animal like an American Staffordshire Terrier, or are caring for a whole lot of newborn kittens, you should definitely carefully review the pet policy before getting invested in a particular community.

Take A Look At The Pet Amenities During Your Apartment Tour

Picture of dog park in our Indianapolis apartment community

Just like you would view the gym on your tour, be sure to check the amenities for pets. Dedicated places for your dog to play help your doggie get out some energy and make new friends. Frequent walking stations with waste disposal bags, garbage cans, and water bowls help maintain the community. Some properties even set up pet playdates or grooming discounts for residents!

Although these amenities for pets seem perfect on paper, the true test of their pet-friendliness is how well they’re kept up. If the place for dogs to play is covered with weeds and brambles, then it’s more or less unusable. Pet-friendly communities ensure that dog poop bags are regularly refilled and that the trash cans don’t overflow. Basically, when you arrange your in-person tour in Indianapolis, be sure to note whether the pet amenities have the same care as the human accommodations.

Read Multiple Reviews To See Pet-Friendly Intangibles

If you are on the fence of whether a community is pet-friendly or not, be sure to explore the reviews on the Indianapolis apartment complex. Many people who live in apartments see their pets as an integral part of their family and willingly share stories about their experiences. You may learn that the maintenance staff carries treats to give out when entering your apartment for a service call. Or that the community’s office hosts a pet adoption day with the humane society. You most likely can place those in the “friendly to pets” category.

Reviews will also tell you of the complexes that refuse to give back security deposits because of costs associated with pet cleaning, or those who impose excessive monthly fees for pets. Just don’t let one single negative review sway you, but if you see a whole mob of displeased pet owners, then you may consider looking at another apartment.

Penrose on Mass Apartments Can Be Your New Place To Call Home In Indianapolis For Both You And Your Pet

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