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Is It Better To Rent An Apartment Or A Townhouse in Indianapolis?

You've made the call between buying and renting. Still, now you're faced with the next tough problem: should you rent an apartment or townhouse in Indianapolis?

While you can find a luxurious two-bedroom or a 3-bedroom apartment in Indianapolis, don’t overlook the privacy a townhouse can give. A townhouse in Indianapolis is generally guaranteed to have separate entryways, a garage, and two to three levels. But those benefits also come with more rent.

Here are a few key considerations to debate so you can make a good decision.

Townhomes Generally Cost More To Rent Than Apartments

Exterior view of a Indianapolis apartment.

While there’s not any concrete rules for rent prices, townhouses will usually be higher each month. With a townhouse, you normally get a small usable yard in both the front and back and a connected garage. Townhouses also come with a two- or three-story floor plan.

Then again, there are many apartment units within one structure. Your unit may have an outside patio or terrace, but most likely won’t have a private entrance. Those townhouse benefits of an attached garage, private yard, and distance from neighbors could have a higher cost. 

Get Multiple Floors With A Townhome 

Space considerations are relatively straightforward when comparing an apartment or townhouse in Indianapolis. For example, 600 sq ft is 600 sq ft in both living options. And it's not uncommon to see some apartments that give you more square footage than a townhouse. But, apartments will usually utilize a one-story floor plan. Townhomes have a multi-floor floor plan.

The discrete levels allow for an increase in privacy and no upstairs neighbors. With separate floors, it can be easier to determine what is your living space and what is your private level. For instance, you can watch TV on the main level after others go to bed on the second level. And if you’re working from your house, you can put together an office space downstairs while your top floor becomes a serene, work-free zone.

Both Can Use All The Complex Amenities

Laundry room in a Indianapolis townhome.

Townhomes are guaranteed to come provided with laundry machine hookups. Different apartments could also come equipped with hookups like their townhome siblings. Other apartments have a stackable washer/dryer or stand alone machines included, or else you’ll have community facilities instead. Your townhouse might also have bigger closets and has a better chance for architectural details like a bay window.

Apartment complex amenities come included no matter what you decide on. You'll gain entry to the gym, workcenter, and everything else the overall community has to offer. Each apartment gets maintenance services and kitchen appliances, as well.

Privacy Is the X Factor On Townhome Vs. Apartment in Indianapolis

Indianapolis townhomes with separate entrances.

Shared walkways are a part of apartment living. While this may be a fun way to see your neighbors, you may want to avoid a common entryway. Townhouses are individual units reminiscent to a house and occasionally have private backyard areas, allowing for more socialization on your own terms.

Both types of units use shared walls, but your apartment may share a floor, ceiling, or both. You'll want to be more conscious about sound when you’re in an apartment. The absence of sound from floors and ceilings in a townhome may also be a better pet-friendly option.

Want To Start Looking For Your New Home?

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